Superior Designs Group has 29 years of experience in construction. We are a multi-award winning company based in central Maryland. We take projects from medium to large, commercial and residential, new or renovations. Everything from Design to Milwork, we can do it. 

Construction projects have design, financial, estimating and legal considerations. For this reason, those with experience take the needed steps to develop detailed plans and maintain careful oversight during the project to ensure a positive outcome. We have that experience.

SDG has the Commercial and Residential construction experience to get the job done.


New Construction Techniques and Sustainability

As efficiency codes have come into effect in recent years, new construction technologies and methods have emerged. Our construction techniques are on the cutting edge of the newest methods of construction intended to improve efficiency, performance and reduce construction waste.

At SDG new techniques of building construction are constantly being employed. There is a current trend of sustainable construction that leans toward improving and retroffiting current structures. SDG is specially adept to performing work that preserves architectural tradition and classical design.

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